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HyMark Solutions is owned and operated by Long Term Care Providers in WA state. Jeff & Angela realized several years ago that they would need to convert their buildings from a paper based method of documentation to fully integrated electronic records in order to survive the never-ending, painful, budget cuts from the various payers. HyMark provides ongoing training for own facilities and would love to service yours as well!


Our mission is to support Long-Term Care Providers with the training, customization and implementation of electronic healthcare record technology to maximize Return On Investment 


Our vision is to provide support to our Long-Term Care colleagues, creating a streamlined, effective and efficient workflow. We strive to enable the delivery of Quality Care to your residents and ensure reimbursement for all care delivered. 



After several years of research and due diligence, we have selected software and vendor partners that we rely on for our continued success and would like to assist you in the process of selecting yours!

We have partnered with several software providers, MDS reimbursement specialists, medical supply providers, pharmacists, Quality Assurance experts, as well as financial and clinical experts in the long term care industry to provide you with a “menu” of services that we guarantee will improve your reimbursement & bottom line, reduce your re-hospitalization and morbidity rates, cut your staff hours spent in documentation and drastically increase your resident’s satisfaction and well-being.

Integration of clinical and financial records is key to maximizing reimbursement.

We can help you identify areas in your operation that can be changed QUICKLY to improve reimbursement, quality of care, disease management, and resident/family satisfaction by integrating your clinical and financial software and introducing enhanced processes that cut back on staff hours.

  • Point Click Care

  • COMS Interactive

  • Align powered by PointClickCare (previously a MyInnerview company)

  • River Village Pharmacy

  • Constant Care Technology





Solutions Centre


With a manageable monthly investment, HyMark Solutions Solution Centre provides you and your staff with access to solutions for all of your PointClickCare® needs. From Support Calls to the creation of Customized User Defined Assessment forms and everything in between, we are here to help answer your questions, help you ask the right ones and build systems that fit your facilities unique delivery of care.

More than just a support desk, our PointClickCare® certified Trainers have worked on the front lines engaging with the many challenges of configuring, implementing and compliance with Electronic Health Records to facilitate success with survey regulations.


When your organization engages with HyMARK's Solution Centre, our experts become an extension of and an integrated part of your team. Together, we can strengthen your care delivery and optimize your business operations resulting in better resident outcome, employee satisfaction & improved financial performance.

We are not just trainers, not just consultants; we are experienced partners 

Solutions Centre Hours

6:00 AM – 5:00 PM PST,


Our dedicated staff members will be manning the phones and our email system

Helping Clients

From Washington to Washington DC


HyMark Monthly Newsletter

On the first of each month you can expect a newsletter from HyMark Solutions in your inbox. Included in each of our newsletters is first off our training schedule. Every month our team of Clinical and Financial Specialists offer a variety of PointClickCare® trainings to keep you current on the latest changes and updates.


In addition, each month we include a "Did You Know" section, important dates and/or events in the healthcare industry, facts about HyMark, and more!  

To get signed up to be a subscriber of our monthly newsletter, click the "Sign Up" button below and provide us with your Name, Company and Email. We look forward to connecting with you. 


  • November

    HyMark is offering an opportunity to you and your communities for FREE through the rest of the 2020 year! View our newsletter to see what it is!

  • October

    This months newsletter features 4.3.0 PCC Release Summary updates, a HyMark Did You Know?, Information about our Solution Centre and some important Health Awareness dates to celebrate. 

  • September

    Every month we offer weekly trainings on all thing PCC. Also, learn about our Solutions Centre and how we are here to help you. There are two upcoming conferences, so mark your calendars and MORE. 

  • August

    Learn about HyMark Solutions and the individuals that make up our team. In addition, test your knowledge, learn about events this month and how to stay cool during the Dog Days of Summer. 

  • July

    Stay up to day on the 4.2.0 PCC Release Newsletter, Did You Know?, HyMark is here for you, Fun summer ideas and Recipes. 

  • May

    What a time to recognize and thank all of the men & women serving in our healthcare systems. Lets take this month to show them our love and appreciation. Also bring awareness to the effects our Stay At Home order is having on many children and adults today. 

    Lets focus on the good. 

  • April

    Learn how the PCC module, 

    Document Manger can make your admission process easier and how our team can help you every step of the way. We are offering special 

    trainings this month, check out our schedule. Whats new? 4.1.1 Newsletter and date change for filing your taxes. Lastly, check out our highlights for Public Health Week. 

  • March

    Lets take time this month to show our appreciation for our Long Term Care Administrators. Did you know PointClickCare® Intake Referral Management (IRM) is being replaced with Customer Relationship Management (CRM)? Lastly, don't miss out on our PCC trainings this month!

  • February

    February is American Heart Month, so raise awareness about heart health and urge those around you to prevent heart disease. Also, did you know the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services released the new drafts of the MDS 3.0? Lastlydon't miss out on our training opportunities this month!

  • January 

    Our focus for January is on CLEANING UP your dashboards. HyMark is also here to help you leverage your EHR Scorecard for optimization and is providing a number of trainings this month on all things PCC. Lastly, did you know about the PCC Chart Pic app? 

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