With HyMark Solutions being the only company with a team fully certified in all areas of PointClickCare® our team has a lot of services and support to offer you.

  • MDS Mentoring

    HyMark Clinical and Financial Specialists are here to assist with training requirements and optimized workflow for maximum reimbursement rates -Your team will build a knowledge base that will provide them with the tools and materials needed to maximize revenue flow based on MDS compliance.

  • Solutions Centre

    HyMark Solutions; Solutions Centre offers you (1) faster response times to PCC questions, (2) Clinical and Financial workflows, (3) Clinical and Financial training customized to your organization, (4) customized assessment forms, (5) and PDPM consulting.

  • PDPM

    HyMark Solutions is here to help you get prepared by (1) helping you understand the requirements for PDPM, (2) identify the differences between RUGS-IV and PDPM, (3) Determine how Therapy and MDS departments will be impacted, (4) and establish strategies for transitioning from RUGS-IV to PDPM.

  • PointClickCare® Review & Optimizaition

    HyMark engages with your team to review current utilization practices and optimize your EHR configuration to identify opportunities for a  streamlined workflow with less effort and improved ROI.

  • Customizable Support Packages

    Whether you are needing just a few hours of phone assistance each month or if your team needs customized training sessions, we are fully equipped to provide you a manageable package that will meet your needs. 

  • Security Access Design

    We can design roles for your staff, State Survey and special Multi-Disciplinary roles, to ensure that they have the appropriate level of system access.

  • Data Entry

    We know staff time is precious. We will input or edit data to get your PCC modules implemented; from orders to resident data to building a Care Plan library- whatever is needed. Letting us handle data entry removes the biggest obstacle to getting started and better results.

  • Financial Services

    HyMark offers financial support for your Point Click Care software. Our team is equipped and ready to support your facility with business office management support. If you are experiencing issues with your trust balances, ledgers, or account payables, we can assist you by providing best practice workflows for your financial team.

  • Training/Consulting in person

    Our team members are available to come to your site to work with any of your staff to provide training and/or consulting at any level, including an on-staff trainer, or your multi-disciplinary team. Let us do the heavy lifting.

  • Business Process Review & Optimization

    Ever wonder if you're getting the most out of your PointClickCare system? Do your current processes work to leverage the full potential your EHR? Don't worry HyMark can help! Our clinical and financial specialists will review your processes, make best practice recommendations to ensure the best clinical and financial outcomes.

  • Training/Consulting via Web-ex

     Utilizing best care practices, we can help create User Defined Assessments, Care Plan Libraries and Standard Order Groups. We can design a system to trigger follow ups from your staff. All processes are designed to optimize productivity and increase quality care delivery.

  • Document Manager Admission Process

    If you are looking for Admin training let our team help you. Our experts can walk you through the steps of understanding core financial modules including the following: Document Manager where you can easily fill out and sign agreements and packets electronically. 


Our team is here to insure that your investment is being utilized for the maximum benefit to your operations. We collaborate with you to customize, train and maintain your EHR while consulting with your interdisciplinary team to insure all care areas are addressed. The end result is a more streamlined, efficient workflow that is set up to facilitate Quality Care delivery to residents as well as insure reimbursement for all of the care that you deliver. 

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