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Staff education equals staff satisfaction

Money spent on technology and staff education equates to LESS money spent in advertising and staff development because you will immediately realize a drastic reduction in staff turnover. Staff that feels valued and a member of a business that values their satisfaction and success will increase the retention of quality employees.


ICD 9 to ICD-10 Transition Solutions

Are you behind on getting all your charts converted to ICD-10 diagnosis codes? Don't worry HyMark has a solution for that! We offer solutions ranging from: "The All-Inclusive" where we do the code conversion, ICD10 staff education, data quality checks, diagnosis sheets, and updating your physician orders. We work with you to ensure the best coding based on the medical chart and ensure everything is converted on time so there are no delays or denials in your billing.

If you need help feel free to reach out to us.

PointClickCare Review and Optimization

How do you know if your investment in PCC is being put to its most effective use? We can do database reviews to determine effective utilization, optimize work flow as well as offer best care practice recommendations.

QAN Assessments

Nursing Quality Assurance reviews are conducted and recommendations made for care delivery processes that will meet State and Federal requirements.

MDS Mentoring

We would conduct a review and provide recommendations and/or training to help your facility increase RUG utilization. RAI best practices recommendations.

Security Access Design

We can design roles for your staff, State Survey and special Multi-Disciplinary roles, to ensure that they have the appropriate level of system access.

RAC Audits

Reviews are conducted for clinically appropriate stays.

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